KEPHOSI ist die Abkürzung von “Kompakte Einzelphotonquellen im Sichtbaren”.
Die zugrundeliegende Technik wurde in dem vom Bundesforschungsministerium geförderten Projekt als Grundlage für das Projekt Quantenzufallszahlen per Webservice genutzt.
Auf der früheren Webseite beschreibt sich das Projetk selbst so:

The main objective of KEPHOSI is the realization of a compact and robust standard light source where the emission of light is controlled down to the single photon level. The source will be based on optically and electrically excited defect centers in diamond emitting within the visible spectral range (650-800 nm) at room temperature.

Together with the source itself we will develop a high efficient detection unit capable to count single photons and to analyze photon correlation. All units will be fiber coupled to allow a significant degree of integration in other units.

We will aim for the demonstration of several applications auch as:
(1) free-space quantum cryptography,
(2) standard light sources for single photon fluorescence correlation spectroscpoy,
(3) long term stable operation for potential intensity standards.

The team unites two groups from universities with renowned expertise concerning optical properties of nanoscopic emitters, applications of single photon emitters, and single photon detection at various wavelengths. Two partners from industry complement the team with their know-how and techniques for development, fabrication, and integration covering the whole area from efficient light generation, guiding, as well as manipulation up to light detection and signal processing.

The project strives for making the step from the lab to ready-to-operate demonstrators.

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